Our baby dog, Mysti…..

Well, we found out that our baby dog, Mysti, doesn’t have Cushing’s.  And for that we’re very grateful even though she has most of the symptoms.  When you love someone as much as we love her, you go through the trauma of learning about disease, coping with it and trying to live with the thought of it with some measure of normalcy.More...

As you know we’ve already been through this and keep living it each day with Claude’s illness and the results of the stroke.  With both loved ones living with the chronic illness of diabetes, we’ve changed a lot about our lives.  Hopefully for the better.

It seems that I’ve learned more about some illnesses than I ever thought I wanted to know even though I’m a medical intuitive.  Though I help others, and I really don’t want them hurt, it seems to hit home more when it’s the ones you love. 

At times I’ve gotten upset with doctors when they didn’t have the best bedside manner or didn’t give much thought to the problems a patient might have, especially when that patient was someone I love.  But I can understand that most have to become more detached from the situation in order to perform.  The reason I understand this is because it’s what I have to do in order to perform my psychic tasks better. 

Generally I want to know nothing about a person because I don’t want to let anything interfere with my reading.  When I become friends with someone, I might put what I want into the reading instead.  It’s rare but possible.  There have been many arguments with the other side over people I love.  Mysti is one of them.  And before you say she’s just a dog.  Remember, that like us, she is a spirit in doggy clothing.  Know I’m going to hear about this one.  Now, all I have to do is find a cure for diabetes.  And I’m working on that too.

Da Juana