Our daughter’s birthday…..

Today is our daughter’s birthday.  I won’t tell you how old she is but I will tell you that she’s as wonderful a woman as she was a baby.  Although she was a great baby/child, you know how karma is and she’s reaping that now with her youngest baby boy. More... 

Parents get to sit back and laugh while their children are young because they know, if they’re spiritually knowledgeable, that karma will take over one day.  They say memory fades but while watching my grands, I know it doesn’t. 

This youngest child is more like my daughter than her first.  He’ll be the one, who when told to get out of the plant, will turn his back to it, stick his hands out behind him, rummage through the plant and announce, “I don’t see me do it momma,” just like his mother did.

It’s hard not to laugh under those circumstances because a mother begins to learn at a young age herself that karma truly works.  After all she’s seeing her own life in action.

Thank God my daughter wasn’t a biter.  Her three-month younger, first cousin, who stayed with us all the time, was.  If you’ve got any ideas on how to keep a baby from biting, she’d love to know.  Karma again…….she did other things.  Did I mention he has a terrible temper, something like she had years ago?  But of course, she’s so nice now; she knows she never had a temper then.  Yeah, right!

It’s funny how history repeats itself, even in families.

Da Juana