Our dog, Madeline

Well, two days after our dog, Madeline’s, bladder stone removal we were back getting the staples out.  Thank goodness she had been glued together.More...

Her vet said that Madeline’s surgery had gone well until her heartbeat kept dropping and she had to get her off the anesthesia.  Since her vet is very intuitive, she mentioned that she had the thought that Madeline would sit up as soon as they stopped the anesthesia and she did.  Imagine how she felt then.  Thankfully, it was after she had been stitched up inside because she wasn’t stitched on the outside, hence the glue and staples.

While Madeline was in the surgery, I’d requested that my dead brother and her dead sister look after her.  Also, there is a little dead doctor who has always helped when it came to surgery with my puppies.  He’s very nice and caring and always lets me know what’s going on and when the surgery is over.

At any rate, I made the mistake of telling Madeline to go play in spirit with her sister while the surgery was being performed.  As soon as I said it, I had a dread feeling.  I quickly reiterated that she could play but she was to come back to me.  The dread feeling might have come also from the fact that I’d told her and the other side that if she was going to hurt worse in the future that she could go on with my brother and her sister now. 

All’s well.  She’s home and really wants to run, which she can’t because the surgery was done Monday.  This little animal has worked hard to stay alive since birth and to enjoy life on this side.  She reminds me each day what a wonder life is.

Da Juana