Our dog, Madeline…

Yesterday, I bought our dog, Madeline, some chews because I want her to keep her teeth tartar free, if possible.  Although she gets her teeth brushed each night, a chewy will keep them even cleaner, I think.More... 

She and Mysti got them rarely because when Madeline was a baby she ran her sister into the door and broke half Mysti’s tooth off which resulted in a crown and no more chew’s.  I try to be fair and if Mysti couldn’t have them, Madeline couldn’t either.  On occasion, when I had the time, I’d get one and hold it for Mysti so that she only chewed on one side of her mouth. 

Madeline was able to go to the floor to enjoy hers.  Our vet, some years ago, told me not to give them rawhide because he’d had one little dog about the size of Madeline die before they could get her to him after a choking incident.  The little dog was only a couple of blocks away.  So, you know I watched them very carefully after learning that.  I didn’t think about other chews causing that.  I just knew about rawhide causing bowel obstructions.

Furthermore, while looking for chews, I try to find one that is rough enough to give her some chewing satisfaction.  Not only that but I want the best nutrition for her as well.  So, after dinner last night, a trip to PetSmart was in order.  I found something called dental chews, not the real name, but it looked to have some good ingredients.  At least I hope so.  Since I make all her cookies and actually cook for her, I’d prefer that the ingredients be listed.

To make a long story short, we got her a little toy too which she had to find in the plastic bag.  Madeline’s getting just a bit pushier since Mysti’s gone.  When I tried to help her with the bag, to my horror, she grabbed the plastic into her mouth and started to take off with toy in hand, so to speak.  I had a quick grab and got it back.  Then came the childhood lesson.  You probably remember those.  Don’t ever put plastic in your mouth.

Her attention span turned to, Oh, I smell chews, which I had behind my back in my other hand.  I gave her one.  You’d have thought I’d given her a million dollars had she been a human.  She ran over in front of the TV and parked herself there with green munchie between her paws, head down and contentedly chewing.  Mother did good.

You know I was watching to see when the chewy got small enough I should remove it from her.  As I came up behind her to take the chew away, she promptly grabbed it, shoved it to the back of her throat, and moved her head from side to side while growling as if I was taking her last morsel of food after a long starvation diet.

Finally, after getting her under control and still not totally sure she wouldn’t bite my whole hand off, as my daughter had told me when she was small, after biting my finger to the bone, I was able to fish inside her mouth for the chew.  That’s a scary feeling especially after being armed with what the vet had said about his neighbor’s little dog. 

When I retrieved the chewed on, wet piece of forage, she went crazy.  I told her that I’d hold it a bit longer and let her finish it off which I did except for that last piece which I threw into the trash.  You’d have thought I’d done the ugliest thing you could think of to her.  Her accusing eyes turned on me.  She no longer trusts me.

It’ll be a while before she gets another one.  Maybe I should just start out holding it for her.  You think?

Da Juana