Our dogs have fleas.

Because we’ve had so much rain, our dogs have fleas.  Any day now we expect to see Noah floating near.  Texas, along with a few other states, has seen more water than we want now.  Our lakes have finally filled after the drought but now water is looking for more places to dwell.  Since we have horrible flash floods, we’re really seeing more of those too.  But back to Mysti and Madeline.More...

Mysti has seen a flea before but learned real quickly to come tell momma so that she’d get the offending bug off her.  It was another story for Madeline.  Although there haven’t been that many of the little buggers, Madeline says it’s been more than enough. 

For many years Madeline has watched as I’ve told Mysti to lie down and let me look for bugs.  Mysti looks like a lady of the night on her back, spreading her legs to let me look for those horrific bugs that like to nest around her genitals.  After one or two of the little black horrors, Madeline is learning to hit her back just like her sister.  They say misery loves company.

Because both of our girls have autoimmune disorders, hate to say that because it gives it life, we don’t need to put poison on them to kill the naughty buggers.  No dog really needs that.  So I’ve been thinking about adding some orange oil to their shampoo to repel fleas.  Just wondering if you’ve used anything like that or have another idea.  Please let us know.

Da Juana