Our puppy dog, Madeline, in a dark house.

Last night, Claude and I came home, after being at the hospital with Claude’s mother, to our puppy dog, Madeline, in a dark house.  I really mean dark.  The storm that came through knocked out power in the whole city or so we were told.More...

In the first place, Madeline is scared of the dark and she’s even more frightened of noises.  The power supply was making that beeping noise it does like a smoke alarm whose battery has gone dead and the house was totally dark.  Before we left to go wait for his mother’s surgery to begin, I’d looked at a window and decided on a psychic level to leave the window blind opened.  That was to give her a little light, I heard at the time.  At that point there were no storms around.  And truly, I’m glad that Madeline had the lightening flashes that gave her a little light before that fearful sound of thunder she so hates.

Because the power was out, I was unable to open the garage door with our remote.  Instead I had to come through the front door, which Madeline knows we never do.  She stood far away from the door with warning barks of “Don’t, don’t, don’t come in,” sounding almost just that way.  Once I’d opened the door, I could tell by her voice she was frightened and called out to her that momma was home.  She ran to me, past the chirping power supply and as she was getting into my arms she let me know just how glad she was that it was us who had finally made it home.  Our little girl was safe now.  Her bark changed to happiness and I was glad.

Power was restored around three hours later and we were all glad.

Da Juana