Our puppy dog, Madeline’s, birthday…..

Today is our puppy dog, Madeline’s, birthday.  My sleep deprived self was singing Happy Birthday to her last night right after the stroke of midnight.  Claude joined in because he was awake too.  That’s probably about as sappy as I get.  Birthdays mean a lot to me.More...

Madeline, who sleeps between mother and daddy, woke up stretched for a moment, said thanks for the song and added, “We’ll get back to it in the morning.  I was asleep.”

Of course this morning I had to sing again in the bright light of day.  She gets so excited over it that she curls around at my feet and wiggles with glee.  Hopefully, it’s not because my singing drives her to act irrationally.  Well, she’s still going to get a Capella Happy Birthday renditions throughout the day because it’s her birthday and because I love singing it. 

This morning after breakfast, she disappeared for a moment.  Wondering where she was, I went looking for her, and then returned to the breakfast table.  When I sat down again, she barked.  That sound is generally reserved for play ball with me or some other game but never for I want to go outside. 

I got up and went to look again.  She was lying beside the cabinet waiting for me to tell her she could go get water.  Since Mysti, her sister, died, she does that on occasion.  You see when Mysti was still physical, one of them would get a drink, generally Mysti, and would stand there either drinking or pretending to drink for ages and ages.  The other one had to wait in line to get a drink for as long as the drinker drank.  Confused?  It’s really quite simple.  This morning Madeline wanted a drink after breakfast but couldn’t get it without asking for help from mother.  Mysti can now stand at the water bowl for much longer than Madeline can wait. 

Madeline didn’t go to the water bowl until I cleared the path, literally.  After drinking, she came to me to be picked, which I did.  She looked around on the floor to let her sister know that she got some special attention.

Mysti did to.  Her birthday was last Friday.  Yeah, I sang Happy Birthday to her then and will on May 28, the day she was reborn as my guiding angel.

So, if you hear a Happy Birthday melody on the wind, you might not want to listen to it too hard.  It might be me singing to my puppies.

Da Juana