Our puppy dog..

While working I just turned around and noticed that Madeline, our puppy dog, was lying on the floor between Claude and I with her head on her very own pillow, baby bear.  This is the one she sleeps with at night.  Remember I told you that she has to take two babies to bed and also wake them in the morning.  Well, baby bear even gets taken bye bye with us.More...

Dogs, especially my dogs, never fail to amaze me.  Animals of all sorts do.  People don’t know how inventive they really are.  On many occasions I’ve taken note of that fact.  For instance, I mentioned last year that a prolific dove nested right beside our door.  She’s still around because she and her babies alike know that I’ll keep the neighborhood cats away, especially after she lost one of her babies to a feral cat. 

Lately, I’ve watched Madeline do little things like really give baby bear some loving.  She whines and then licks him all over his face.  He gets kisses even when I don’t.  Her mournful cry can make even the worst of dog hater’s check to see if she’s okay.  And it really makes a dog mother take notice. 

Also, she’s been giving her daddy a hard time.  We both try to throw a ball for her a few times daily.  She has several and loves the game.  The only problem is that when daddy throws the ball, because he has trouble with his eyesight now, she doesn’t play fair.  She’ll drop the ball as he commands, then when he throws the ball she grabs up the one she dropped and takes off after the other.  Thus making daddy have to chase her down when he figures it out or his having to go after the ball himself.

Most dogs are very smart and precious, just like our little Madeline.

Da Juana