Our youngest grandson…..

While we were at our daughter’s house on Thanksgiving, I gave our youngest grandson his first haircut.  His mother and father thought it would be a feat but it was little more than doing the deed.More... 

Both had been scared to no end of taking him to a hairstylist as they had with their older son when he was around a year old.   That just goes to show that we’re all individuals and if they hadn’t had God’s precious gift to parents with their first child, that second child, and you know there are no accidents, might have had a harder time getting them to let him into this world.  He’s all boy and all learning, into everything.

Of course his mother had gotten used to the curls and was contemplating all kinds of ponytails but his Aries father wanted no part of that.  While I was trimming his golden locks, his father kept saying shorter.  And the little one kept moving his head so that he could see what I was doing.  All in all though, the experience was just that, a wonderful experience. 

Thanksgiving was a wonderful time this year, with family around, and new happenings.  Perhaps next year I’ll give the little one his next haircut or, wonder of wonders, he’ll sit still for a stylist.  Hope your time was chock full of memories too. 

Da Juana