Owls, the night eagle or an omen……

Owls have always been a favorite animal of mine.  As a matter of fact I used to collect them.  That’s even before I knew that Native Americans associated them with death and the ability to hear spirit.More... 

They remind me of a cat in some ways because they can kill without being hungry and don’t mind taking it to their lauder and keeping it until they are.  Owls are magnificent night eagles. 

Since you just got a little lesson in Native American lore and my thoughts on owls, I’ll tell you why I started this.  It’s because I believe nothing happens by accident.  You know we moved into another home until we can get one we want to live in.  Well, there are no trees around here.  There are but they’re only about six to nine feet tall.  And because I have to set this story up, I want you to realize how sounds affect me.  You know how a bass radio playing feels to you when a teenager drives up beside you.  It goes to your very core.  With that said, let me tell you that I had an owl do that to me the other night.

David, a very good friend, and I took my two girls out to potty.  The house we live in now has a tiny yard and I had let my girls roam free because I could see them easily but no more.  The night is beautiful and there are three owls talking to each other.  One is so close that I could feel the vibration of the hoots go right through me.  It took a moment for me to realize that the yard wasn’t small enough if he really wanted to swoop down.  So I got close to my babies, had them finish up quickly and took them back into the house.  Then David and I went to look for the closest producer of the sounds.

David explained that the owl was probably on a street light somewhere.  But he wasn’t when I looked.  Instead I turned around and looked up on our house.  He was perched there looking down at me.  All three to three and a half foot of him.  At least that’s what David said he was.  He looked at me, then bent over, ruffled his feathers and looked back at me.  And he did this three times.  Each time between ruffles he would stand up and look at me. 

The next day I was telling Connie about this as we were driving to get out hair fixed.  She told me that her bird, Echo, does that very same thing when she wants attention from her.  Connie related that she thought the owl was doing the same thing.  Of course I gave her the same little lesson in Native American lore too.  That’s when we both looked up and a little car with a big back window pulled in front of us with, you guessed it, foot and a half letters that read OWL.  Now, what a coincidence.  Oh, and did I tell you that I had pulled the owl card the night before I saw him?

Got any thoughts?

Da Juana