Palmistry and the mystic “M”

More and more I’m seeing prominent mystic “M’s” in people’s hands which means that more and more people are using their psychic ability knowingly or unknowingly but it’s happening just the same.

If you’d like to see if you have this nice M pattern, then turn your palm up and keep your hands almost flat with your fingers back a tad so that you can see your palm. You’ll immediately see the big “M” in your palm where the life line, head line and heart line are linked together forming it.

Another thing about palmistry is that your hand changes all the time. If you take a photocopy of it now and another in six months you’ll see what I mean. As items and events change in your life so do your lines.

Being the psychic and medium I am I’m not really a palmist but I had one of the best palmist I’ve ever known tell me that I got the information from knowledgeable sources somewhere and gave correct information. It, like astrology, is something that anyone who studies can learn and supposedly remains the same although I’ve seen both change in some manner or at least adjust to life. My palmist friend always called it a science rather than anything metaphysical.

If you’ve got the big “M” then you’ve noticed more intuition in your life. Make it grow.

Da Juana

P. S. For astrology read your