Palmistry is a science.

Palmistry is a science, not generally psychic, according to a dear now-dead friend. And though I’d said before coming out of the psychic closet that you’d never see me with one of those signs on the street with the big palm, I’ve come to respect real palmistry talent. Foster, my friend, taught me that right out of the chute.

Although I believe there is nothing in this world that isn’t psychic I also believe there are some items that have to be filed in okay, sort of. Palmistry is one of those because it’s a living road map that changes when your life does.

If you don’t believe me take a picture of your hand now and one in about six months or shorter if you’ve had lots going on in your life. Now overlay the two. See the changes. They can tell you what you’re doing now, what you’ve done in the past and where you’re going in the future, all without a psychic or medium’s assistance.

It astounds me how much my hands have changed over the years and I don’t mean age either. People tend to think that because of movement and those sorts of things your hands develop wrinkles or lines. No, no. There are no coincidences in life! If you’ve got a good palmist, he or she can tell you why you’ve got those new lines. Whew!

Foster caught the logical disbeliever in me and made me see the error of my ways when he immediately told me to look on my wrist at a line. Then he proceeded to tell me how childbirth, my giving it, was harder on me than most women. It was. She came bottom’s up. My doctor said I wouldn’t be able to have her in the first place naturally but I showed him. Didn’t ever want to do that again. But, and here’s the big but. How did Foster really know this? It was in my lines.

The more I got into my psychic readings back when the more I noticed that lines did mean something psychically. My ghostly friends would tell me what they meant. I’d run to Foster anytime something unusual happened to tell him what I’d gotten. He’d confirm my ghosts’ guides were right. Many a time he told me that he didn’t know where I was getting my information but that I was correct on the palmistry lines.

Just for grins. Turn your left hand sideways. Look under the little finger at the fleshy part right before the huge line that runs horizontally across your hand. There should be a couple more or less short lines right below your finger. They tell how many times you’ve really loved or at least really believed in that romantic relationship. Exciting isn’t it?

Palmistry is your body’s signature just like handwriting. If you get a chance to visit a reputable palmist, then do so. You won’t regret it. Sorry I can’t give you Foster’s info other than you might call him as his ghost still visits occasionally but not nearly enough to suit me. Otherwise, ask friends if they know a good palmist.

Enjoy the psychic and how everything is connected. That’s what this psychic and medium does.

Da Juana Byrd