Pass it on.

Something that I try to do everyday of the year is to be nice to others. Not just being nice but going one step further for strangers. You see I really do believe in the Golden Rule not the one that says do unto others before they can do unto you. The one that states: do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. I try to take that a step further and treat them better than I would myself. And I don’t know if that is really good or not but it makes me feel good.


Don’t get me wrong. If someone is ugly to me, I can get ugly but why ruin your day just because someone else is in a foul mood. There’s a commercial and I can’t tell you who it is for but it has people who see others being nice to people they don’t know and it starts the chain of goodness. Maybe if we all did that, there would be no wars. It’s worth a try.


Another thing I do is try to smile at everyone. Not because I’m proud of my teeth which I really am but because smiles are contagious too. Have you ever noticed that if someone smiles you have to smile back? And laughter. That’s God’s music. I love comedy just so I can laugh, sometimes till I cry but I love it anyway.


Let’s begin something for the holidays, no matter what your faith. Start doing at least one thing per day that is unexpected for a total stranger whether it’s allowing them to enter a busy street or just holding a door open. See how it makes you feel.


Da Juana