Past life or reincarnation baby

Past life or reincarnation is great for those of us who believe and even the non-believers but when you come back into life from adulthood how do you think you’ll feel being trapped in a baby’s body? Hadn’t thought of that had you?

Think about those little bundles of joy you waited forty weeks on if you carried them to term. Think about how perfect they are in all their splendid glory. Not a blemish, not a care, or do they?

Let’s look at that spirit. Right before they migrated from a perfect spirit to take possession of a little baby body, they were generally an adult. Sometimes they may have been children but most likely an adult who grew to old age and died. Now, they’re back. Sounds a little like the movie “Poltergeist,” doesn’t it?

No, I’m not really trying to scare you out of your mind because after all you may have done the same thing when you returned to life again. And you guessed it; you had to come back as a baby. That is unless you’re a walk in and that’s a whole other story. Let’s stay with the reincarnation baby story.

I like to call babies that have that new born cry “fresh ones” because you guessed it, they’re starting a fresh life again. Another little item is when a mother is standing in a grocery line and their baby has to twist and turn to look at me only because they recognize that I know what most won’t accept. They can talk to me mentally about whom they are and how they’re getting along now without mom even suspecting. Once or twice I’ve had mom look me over very well though because baby didn’t usually go out of their way to watch or communicate with strangers. Or so I was told.

If a baby recognizes a past life love or family they’ll generally give them the same attention. It’s sort of like the commercial where the older man goes into the hospital where his dog follows him and waits until the person who got the old man’s heart comes out of the door in a wheelchair. Then he greets her to go home with her. They can tell.

But back to the baby. Could you imagine having to sit in wet, dirty diapers that you can’t change until someone looking after you took the time to check and change? Can you imagine not being able to go into the kitchen for a snack or a drink anytime you like? Can you imagine someone talking baby talk to you and expecting you to be proud they did? Can you imagine having to stay in a baby bed until someone deigns to pick you up? Can you imagine being burped? I could go on and on but you get the picture.

Now think about what I believe in, reincarnation. An adult right before they took the baby’s body. Remember the questions in the paragraph before. That adult most likely knew your language unless they were born to parents in another land and is totally ignorant to that language.

It would be like solitary confinement with only the occasional human interaction and if you didn’t know the language then worse. An adult accepts these changes to their spirit life in order to learn but what? Each person knows.

Bet you look at a baby in a different light now.

We get a chance to learn new lessons and to make up for old issues that went unrewarded. It’s kind of like the Bible says the sins of the fathers are visited upon the sons. But I don’t believe in sin. I believe in choice and Karma. Reincarnation and past lives are good things, really!

Da Juana Byrd

Psychic and Medium