Past lives and Reincarnation

You know that I believe in past lives and reincarnation. From my viewpoint this is simply because I know that God is the great recycler and from my many memories of lives past.

Our choice is to come back into lives with different learning functions each time. That is unless you’re hard-headed as me and tend to suffer through the same choices again and again because you figure one day you’ll create a better outcome. Can you say control freak? That makes me take a different look at myself.

My life is and has been about seeing myself in another’s shoes. And we all know if you don’t have the right size shoe they can pinch. But that’s not what I wanted to bring to you today. My message is that you keep an open mind and a how-to remember a past life.

One manner in which we remember past lives is our love of certain food without knowing from where that love emanated. For instance I now love Chinese food but most of my life was spent avoiding those restaurants like the plague. After a dream where I remembered my life in a village in China and after having met someone from that village and describing it to them, I learned that I truly had lived there before. Some of the same customs which I had no way of knowing are still carried on there now.

Another might be a sense of déjà vu. Knowing that you know what’s just around the next corner or a memory that pops up to remind you of something you’re familiar with but haven’t had the opportunity to realize in this life.

Strong feelings, either love or disgust, for some event, place, people, food, etc. which you’ve never had around you before can be reason for thinking of and remembering a past life.

People, such as a minister I’d never met before but was willing to meet because of a friend, who when she introduced me to him, irritably stated that we knew each other, which we didn’t, then he turned and walked away without shaking my outstretched hand. She was dumbfounded. I don’t remember that life and for obvious reasons I’m glad.

There’s also dreaming, meditation and self-hypnosis you can use to find out about your past lives. For dreams, ask yourself before retiring to sleep to remember one of your past lives through the dream and then to have that dream stay in your mind after waking. Mediation and self-hypnosis are much the same in that you use focused meditation to ask about a specific life or reason for having a phobia or love and then allow your mind to show you a motion picture of events from that lifetime.

Have fun in recalling memories of times past
Da Juana

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