Past lives, fate and other paranormal items….

Today my mind wandered to past lives, fate and other paranormal items.  So, I’m going to ask if you would like me to speak on anything like this.  Really, whether you want me to or not, you’re probably going to get some of that in the coming convo-blogs because, as I just mentioned, my mind is wandering.  And when it does you generally get the benefit or detriment, which ever you might think, of my thoughts.  

Just to let you know, I plan to tell you the story of Claude and I and how we found each other again.  Yeah, you’re right it’s a past life thing. 

And I plan on giving you my thoughts on what fate really is.

Also, and this one is close to my heart, my thoughts on mothers killing their children and saying God told them to, is something we might discuss. This is one of those knee-jerk reactions but it’s also something that scares others of people on the other side.  And unfortunately, makes people look at me funny.

Well, do you think I have a lot to talk about?

Let me know.

Da Juana