Past lives

In my past lives I remember trying to take care of others except for the occasional guy in the mask thing. I’m not proud of that one but it did teach me humility although it did nothing for the people I may have hurt.

Most often I hear of others being some famous person or other in their past life. I can’t say that I ever was but I guess I ‘m just as proud of who I was in each because the sum of my past lives created who I am today.

Strong feelings often accompany my past lives such as thinking that Nero wasn’t a good person, really thinking his cheese was sliding off his cracker if you know what I mean. In that life I was a male, not bad looking, seemed to be mostly nice but I was a thief kind of like Robin Hood. I’m not going to say that I gave the loot away though because I don’t remember that part.

And there have been lives where I knew my relatives, mother and father, and actually was my mother’s mother. Whew! That takes on a whole new relationship. Fear of losing her was in that life as well as this.

My father was my younger brother when I was a mathematician in another life building pyramids and I was male in that life too.

We change sex, race, cultures in different lives in the hope that we’ll evolve spiritually. Fears from past lives as well as scars from any death or danger is most often brought to this one so that you’ll remember that past life or at least how you felt in that life at some point in this one. That’s how you grow metaphysically.

If you’d like to share, I’d like to hear yours.

Da Juana

P. S. In your different lives you go through the Zodiac which you can read about on my