What are we doing spiritually when we let people manipulate us?  Something was brought to my attention, which really conveys this spiritual lesson.  Without going into vapid detail, I’d just like to give you my thoughts on manipulation.More...

Women use it.  Men use it and even our pet family uses it.  Manipulation is everywhere.  And it’s always about control.  A child wants a cookie so he manipulates to get what he wants.  Women use it to get a boyfriend, lover or husband to give them the response they need and so do men.  People use it on friends too sometimes.  It’s all in the name of power, even though it might be something quite small, something too little to be manipulation but gives that smug sense of satisfaction when it all goes your way. 

Psychics, when they give a reading, are telling you what will happen if you do it in a certain manner.  Even though they’re not mentioning that you should go out and manipulate, they’re giving you the information on how to do it in order to receive the desired benefit. 

All people and most animals come here armed and ready to use that smug power.  In some, it’s promoted as a sign of success, in others; it’s a way to survive.  Whatever the reason, manipulation is here to stay.  But what of the spirit?

Spiritually, manipulation leaves you with a karmic debt load, which has to be reviewed and lived in other lives in order to come to terms with self-satisfaction.  Remember, I mentioned that we really are spiritually selfish because we come to earth to learn to live a more Godlike life.  Being manipulative to increase your own goals isn’t the way.  Helping one another but being able to say “no” too is that way to gain spiritual satisfaction. 

So, the moral of this story is:  live without manipulation either in your doing it or in allowing it to be done to you.  You can say “no” and walk away from someone trying to control you.

Da Juana