People are amazing.

People are amazing and they never fail to amaze me.  Insecurity in people amazes me even more.  Everyone has something that they’re anxious about but not everyone uses their insecurities as weapons after years of holding inappropriate thoughts towards others.More...

Take this example that I’ve been fortunate enough to see.  For years a group of men have been friends.  Each has made his way in life with plenty of money and the other amenities of life.  But one inventive friend bides his time until he sees a subtle way of getting even for some supposed injustice.  It’s not like he wants to take a knife and stab his friends to death.  Instead he waits until he finds out something only a friend would trust him with and then uses words with malicious intent in the form of friendship to take the coward killers way out.  After wielding his wordy knife, he waits to see the affect it has on everyone involved, all in the name of friendship.  And all because he felt inferior as a teen.

Since I was a little girl, my ghostly friend, John and I discussed how words could never be taken back.  They also always carry the emotional labeled intent whether love, anger, sadness, happiness, hate or other arousing expressions.  Friends might tell you that shirt doesn’t look good on you but they don’t intentionally set out to hurt another friend when they’re down using the cloak of caring.  That’s real insecurity.

Da Juana