People don’t generally want to speak of death or end-of-life issues…..

People don’t generally want to speak of death or end-of-life issues but a friend of mine mentioned that since I’m a medium and deal with death daily I should also deal with end-of-life by relaying what she deemed important information. So here it is.

Families don’t always speak with other family members to tell them what they need in terms of how they want to be allowed to die.

Another friend’s mother who has Alzheimer’s decided to live states away from her daughter. Before the disease progressed too much my friend was able to travel to be with her mother who still recognized her along with her step-father and she’s continued to do this up until now. Her stepfather has become ill and may not live as long as her mother who’s now in an Alzheimer unit waiting for the next stage of life.

When my friend requested information on her mother’s financial picture and mentioned moving her back to her state the stepfather went ballistic telling my friend that his son (not her mother’s son) would be taking care of her mother and fathers financial affairs and that though he was dead she’d continue to reside at his chosen end of life facility.

You know how you’d feel if someone intimated that you shouldn’t be able to bring your parent you love back home after a stepfather’s death and to have the added insult of his acting as if you only had financial interests in mind.

As I mentioned to my friend, her mother may have been unwilling for her daughter, whom she loved greatly, to watch her die in such a manner, hence the need for dying in another state. Also, she might have realized since both she and her husband were older that he might go before her and she wanted to make sure her daughter couldn’t move her back to her daughter’s state because she didn’t want that daughter to have to be her caretaker in such a horrible illness. This friend helps everyone even to her own detriment.

Now, here’s my advice to all of you who know that like us all we’ll have to crossover to spirit only once again, let your loved ones know. Though it’s a morbid subject let them know your wishes. If you don’t you’ll be doing them a huge disservice. This has driven a wedge between my friend and her stepfather.

When my brother died, his widow asked me about his desire to be cremated which she only learned after speaking to another family member post his death. My answer was that he indeed wanted cremation, which was against her nature, and not an extravagant funeral. She told me that might have been his wishes and she’d cremate him but that the funeral was for her and her sons. So many people came that I saw my brother was well-loved by others too. But he should have told the one closest to him what his desires were.

He died young just to let you know. Let your family know what you want before that day comes. Then unlike him you’ll be able to get the funeral you need so that you’ll be sure you didn’t put an added burden on your family.

These are only a couple of reasons for planning for the inevitable. Think about how you want to live and die. Then talk with your loved ones.

Da Juana

P. S. Also know that dying isn’t really the end. You live on. Find out about it by reading my book,