People may believe there’s something wrong with me because I argue with ghosts.

Some enlightened people may believe there’s something wrong with me because I argue with ghosts.

Others who don’t think I can really communicate with ghosts may have problems with my actually talking with the “dead.” And, that’s another thing, they’re not truly dead. As you’ve heard me explain many times, they’ve just left their earthly bonds to be released back into their perfect selves.

Well, actually, they’re not always perfect either but their spirit is. When you reach the other side you have a lot of the same mannerisms, personalities, and memories associated with your current previous life. Hope that makes sense. And you have the added gift of knowledge which we also have on earth but don’t always use.

At any rate, because of personalities, and possibly, just possibly, because I’m just a tad stubborn, sometimes I question, not argue, a lot. Thankfully, they have the patience I don’t and will wait on me to come to the correct conclusion.

Most often the arguments are over something dealing with my or a loved one’s life because if I see something I don’t want to occur occurring then I can get a little belligerent. I know you don’t believe that but……. Perhaps I might even act as if my ghostly friends are the ones creating the mess that’s about to happen when I know that’s not true. Many times I’ve heard that pregnant pause while they wait patiently for me to come to that conclusion.

After the quarrel, and their waiting for me to come to my senses, these sweet ghosts will even show me ways to improve me and my friend’s lives. This is because they know we humans, even though warned, will probably go right on with our lives until we run into an obstacle that stops us for a moment. So, they’re quick to offer advice as well.

I’ve caught people I’m reading for looking at me as if I might be a touch on the crazy side while I watched and argued with the ghost speaking with me. And rather than argue let’s call it chatting (like that word better) because I do value their opinions.

Da Juana

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