People think that certain places are haunted but the truth is there is no place that isn’t.

People think that certain places are haunted but the truth is there is no place that isn’t. That’s not because of earth’s population explosion either. It’s because spirit has free will to roam as it pleases especially when it no longer wears a physical body.

As you know if you’ve read me before I believe that we’re all ghost in human clothing. That’s the restriction we have on us for travel. When you’re “alive” you have to depend on the modern modes of transportation but when you’re “dead” you have the opportunity to travel with a thought. Won’t it be nice when we can use the term “beam me up Scottie” truthfully and while “alive”?

Ghosts have the same sense of humor dead as they had when alive. There are those that like to give you what you want so to speak. Whether it’s a good healthy scare or sighting someone you think might be haunting a place, some humorous ghost will put on a display that is better than an award-winning actor can do. Heck! It may even be one of those actors. After all they want to give you what you’re asking for.

The image below is of a ghost if you can find him or her. I’ll give you a hint. It’s not the hair at the bottom of the picture. As a matter of fact my grandson’s young friend of around ten took this picture at a supposedly haunted hotel. You tell me if it is.


This ghost likes living here so that he or she can watch the living too.

We’ll discuss this more if you’d like after you’ve told me where and what sex the ghost is.

Have fun looking. Let me give you a psychic hint though. Look down before trying to find our ghostly friend and focus on your keyboard or something around your desktop then look right back up and glance to see if you see the ghost. Trust your eyes.

Da Juana

P. S. More on how to see and talk with ghosts can be found in my book Enjoy.