People want to know….

People want to know what karma has to do with a child being ill.  They don’t understand why God would do this to such an innocent being.  Many attribute it to something one or both parents has done wrong in order to bring such malevolence into their lives.  Others just think that’s the way it is.  But that’s not how I see it.More... 

It has nothing to do with either.  By now you’re thinking, oh no, here comes her soapbox again.  To some I might sound like one of those old-fashioned, hell-fire and damnation preachers but I’m not.  All I’m about to tell you is what I’ve learned from dying in this life and from talking to the other side.

The reason is very simple, so simple in fact that it’s almost too much so.  Children come here with illness or other life threatening events because they chose a chain of events on the other side so that their spirit can learn more quickly.  Not only that, but they are teachers of all those who are in contact with them.

Here’s an example.  Mother, father and let’s say son on the other side decide together that they’re going to be born as a family.  Mom and dad come over here to learn first because you have to have mature, or so we think, moms and dads for parents.  They grow as individuals first and then come together as a family.  Whether their life is hard or simple is due to choices they make.  Truly, whether they even get together is a choice.    

After marrying and deciding, in one way or another, that they’re going to have children, the spirit who set up choices to be made with them on the other side is now involved.  The son comes into this life with a terrible disease.  He made his choice to come in this manner.  Mom and dad have to make choices as to how to deal with his disease and how it impacts their family. 

The young son’s spirit gave to his parents the choice for how he was to be handled once he entered that child’s body.  They now have complete control.  He knew he would and he did.  The son relinquished control of his body to allow his parents to care for him, just as we all have.  Responsibility for him physically but not spiritually is now passed on to the parents. 

The whole scenario is a matter of choice by all three.  Each participates in their own way making fresh choices as the need arises.  Anyone sitting on the sidelines saying, oh my, look at that poor child and those poor parents, or something to that effect, is part of spiritual learning with him. 

Do I believe in destiny?  Choice is our destiny and our karma.  We are responsible. 

Da Juana