As with most people, I’ve had a friendship that took advantage and hurt me pretty badly.  That, as with all life, is part of our spiritual growth.  Even though I look at it in that light, it still leaves me feeling uneasy.  Any time you have a loved one, friend or otherwise, that uses you for their own means and then lies about it to hide their guilt, even I, a good psychic, has to feel awful at being done that way.  You want to give friends more than the benefit of a doubt but sometimes you just can’t.More...

My two friends are husband and wife.  You probably know what happened.  When you’re my friend and we’re talking, the psychic comes out.  With me, I’m psychic twenty-four-seven.  One day while talking with him, I saw another woman and mentioned it to him.  Because I didn’t want to believe he would do that to her and because the other woman looked a lot like her, I gave him the benefit of a doubt.  That is until he wanted me to side with him and his wife called and asked me point blank about our conversation.  I was in the middle with no way out and I can’t lie.  Guess I could but let’s say, I choose not to.  Anyway, after two cases of hives because I love these two so much, I said goodbye and tried not to look back.

That was about four years ago.  After Claude had the stroke, the wife came to see me and wanted to make up but she said, she wanted me to give her husband a reading too.  She didn’t even seem to care that I had a lot going through a lot with Claude at the time.  That hurt too because the four of us had always been close.  When she saw how I felt about her asking me to read for her husband, who, by the way, had called me all manner of names including a liar, she told me that she was sorry and wouldn’t ask that of me again.  To me though, the damage had been done.  I told her that she was the one who’d hurt me.  Her husband was lashing out because he thought I’d betrayed him even though he knew how close she and I were.

Just because they were gone from my life, because you know how much stress I’ve seen in the last four years because of Claude’s illness, didn’t mean I didn’t still think of them and love them.  But I didn’t need the stress of the two of them added to other; let’s call them, spiritual growth spurts.  So, I’ve stayed away.  At any rate her husband just added to that with an email.  He told me that he was sorry for his part and that I need to get over it.  No, I’m not kidding.  That’s the way he put it in so many words. 

What I haven’t told you is that we’re going through some more issues with Claude.  Seems the four of us tend to step in on each other at some extraordinary times.  I do miss them but I don’t need the added stress.  What do think I should do?

Da Juana