Pet horoscopes….

Pet horoscopes and people horoscopes come from the same source.  It’s just a little harder to get the pet’s birth information, unless, of course, you’re a psychic like me.  And you truly want as much information as you can get because you need to know your pet baby’s ascendant and moon.More... 

You’ve heard me speak of our youngest, little Madeline, who is a Pisces with a Scorpio moon and ascendant.  Knowing that, how can you wonder why she gives me such a hard time but is always the little love too.  She’s speaks loudly when she thinks someone has wronged her and after the bite, she’ll kiss you all over.

Mysti, on the other hand, is a Pisces.  Yeah, you’re right!  I’m a glutton for punishment.  Both are sensitive……….Mysti has a Cancer ascendant and a Gemini moon.  She’s expressive and like Madeline has a double reason to be sensitive.  Mysti lays in wait for someone to do her wrong.  She frets over it and then she bites. 

Both our girls are unique just as your babies are, I’m sure.  If you want to find out what your baby Bridgette or Sampson really has hidden in his/her astrology chart, then get your birth information and look at our where you can find all the information you want to help you help your baby through life’s challenges and the joys too. 

If you don’t know their birth information and can only find their sun sign, you can still learn loads about Fido or little Kit Kat.  The Pisces sun signs both our girls are born under lend to very sensitive individuals who want to help everyone.  And there’s so much more to that.

Claude and I actually went looking for a second Pisces for Mysti.  My psychic ability told me to get one much smaller than Mysti because another might pick on our sensitive little girl.  We did get a much smaller bundle of joy that is not only sensitive but packs a wallop too.  So you see, I didn’t consult the astrology enough.

Da Juana