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Da Juana Byrd

Medium and Psychic

  Reincarnation, Past Life, Past Lives

Do you Believe Pets are Psychic?

Whether you believe your family dog or cat is psychic is supposedly all in the minds of the fur baby parent. But when you ask this psychic and medium I’ll tell you unequivocally that my dog and cat along with every one of them I’ve ever know who has allowed me to live happily with them is and was psychic and mediums. All animals can see ghosts.

Yes, I know that we are animals too and supposedly at the top of the food chain. And, yes, I’m telling you that all animals see ghosts. I could go into veggies seeing spirit too but I won’t here.

Furthermore, each animal who’s shared their pet psychic ability with me has made my life richer in both happiness and education.

Ms. Muffin, my first Schnauzer, taught me what born again means the day she died. If that’s not psychic I don’t know what is. Besides after her death I saw her on many occasions around the house. You do remember I mentioned I’m a Medium.

While on the subject of spirit, have you ever seen one of your dead animals as a ghost?

Again I, psychic and medium Da Juana Byrd, have seen animal, vegetable and for that matter mineral ghosts even though I might not have acknowledged it at the time. When I died for fifteen minutes in 1980 I saw even more. See how easily I go off on a psychic tangent. Let’s get back to your animals being seen as ghosts by you Mr. or Ms. Medium.

Oh, one more thing. While an animal is living with you, you may see their ghosts from another life. Just in case I forget to write about it remind me. Back to your dead pet’s ghost.

Here you’re going to tell me you’re not a medium but you’ve seen, felt, heard or smelled one or two of your pets. Well honey if you’ve seen a ghost dog, cat bird, or other animal you are a “medium.” Oh, and, welcome to my world.

Medium’s communicate with ghosts by seeing them, sometimes hearing them speaking, seeing them moving, smelling them, feeling them and can touch their animal ghost visitor as well. Most can’t do all of the above things they don’t think and surely not all at one time. If you can see your loving ghostly pet you can surely increase your abilities whenever you want. All you have to do is focus and concentrate.

Or you might be like me when I mentioned that I didn’t acknowledge some of my pets. When you’re busy you ignore them just as you did with all your children. Don’t tell me you’ve never done that if you’re a mother. Stuck in your own world then realize your child has been repeatedly questioning you until you finally wake up and actually notice your child is talking. I’ve done it. Still do sometimes. You don’t mean too but you’re in your own little world.

Communication with Animals

While we’re on the subject of communications with animals I don’t want to look at it from just the human side. Look at your pretty little dog staring up at you with those beautiful eyes loving you as if you’re the only thing in their life worth looking at. Now that’s love and communication.

Communication with animals starts with talking. What you say, they can’t talk? You want to bet. You’ve probably heard them just like your child without realizing your fur babies are speaking. It may not be in the way you usually hear with your ears but it’s there none-the-less.

Just a quick lesson in language. I’ve studied a couple in my life and even spoken some I didn’t study while giving readings. That only happened so that the person getting the reading understood I was speaking with them about something which they needed to really hear.

Did that once with a man telling him his Uncle was speaking with me. He kept calling him his relative. Finally, the Uncle said the word in Yiddish which I said to the man because reading for me is like typing. You don’t read the letter although I can hear the person speaking. You just type it. Many times I’ve heard something too late to shut it off.

The man I was reading had his mouth fall open. Then he said, “That’s my Uncle.

I said, “Yeah, that’s what I’ve been saying.” Then it occurred to me that I don’t know Yiddish especially when he told me it was a Yiddish word. Wish I could remember it.

I do love languages and obviously that little fur baby part of your family does too because they realize you might not understand them. You can’t speak dog or cat so they learn your language. Have you ever heard a parrot say “Polly want a cracker?” It’s in English.

For this not so quick medium I realized that I’d been listening to my puppies after my baby Ms. Muffin died. I could tell you all about her voice but it never occurred that she was speaking English to me.

The day she died I heard her loudly and clearly so much so that I told the Vet she was gone. The Vet said she wasn’t. This doctor was new and didn’t know me as to what I am and what I do.

My Vet and friend was gone for a day off. He told me later that he was glad he was gone. He didn’t think he would have been able to do it without emotion. He was glad he had just hired her.

The new Vet injected my beloved friend with the medicine to stop her suffering. While she was still giving my baby the medicine to take her life, I told her that Muffin was gone. I saw her leave. She immediately told me I was wrong that she hadn’t finished the shot yet.

The Vet Tech told her you need to check. Da Juana usually knows what’s she’s talking about. After giving the Vet Tech a look, the new Vet checked and said in surprise, “She’s gone.” Then everyone was quiet except for my baby doing all kinds of supernatural things. And I was witnessing it.

Looking back that had to have been hard on everyone but me when they saw me watch my baby.

Muffin had backed out of her body which was unusual in the way I see death calling the spirit home. As she backed out she said, Mother,” over and over. When I saw her back out, she changed into a huge bird and took flight.

My head and eyes followed her as she did a huge circle above and then around me and finally dropped to my feet laying upon them as a little black and brown puppy. I’ll tell you more about this later in another article.

It didn’t occur to me at the time that Muffin’s last name was Byrd just like mine. Takes me a while sometimes. Metaphysically, I don’t always find myself the sharpest pencil in the box although people think I’m a really good psychic and medium. But when I get it, I get it! You see I’m always learning too.

Anyway, back to communication languages. Animals speak to us in the manner in which we can understand. And they listen to us and learn our language. Part of this is done in spirit and part of it is done in environmental assimilation.

By the way, Muffin’s voice was not high it was about two octaves below medium range when she used plain English to speak with me. I love her voice. She rarely spoke unless she had something to say or something on which she needed to enlighten me. And did she ever enlighten me on spiritual supernatural items.

Scientists Check to see: is your Pet Psychic?

Cambridge Scientists say:

“In 50 per cent of dog-owning households and 30 per cent of those with cats, the animals were said to anticipate the arrival of a family member.”

You and I didn’t need a scientist to tell us that, did we? We know how our dog or cat acts before daddy or momma comes home especially if you’re the parent left home and watching.

My little white dog will sit up and start watching the doors and the windows when Richard comes back from a dinner with the boys.

Generally, he’ll call me when he gets out to the lake. That’s when I ask him if he decided to leave at X time. He admits that was it. The reason I know is when she does her little sit up and take notice thing, I check the clock. Within ten minutes he most often calls. By the time he gets to the house she’s worked herself into a lather with “daddy’s home barking.”

Bet yours does too. So, yeah, we already knew that.

Before some naysayer says well the dog or cat knows your routine. I’ll tell you this isn’t always routine but scientists being the logical people they are make sure that the animal of the house doesn’t know when their person is coming home. That’s according to Cambridge as well. Go read about it below.

“The most extensive were with a terrier called Jaytee, who lived near Manchester with his owner Pam Smart. Initial observations showed that he was at the window on 85per cent of the occasions when Pam returned home.”

Now as to animal’s metaphysical way of averting disaster and their death, you only have to look towards the tsunami that happened a few years ago when water buffalo grazing near the ocean suddenly stopped eating, looked towards the ocean ears raised, then started a stampede up hill. Upset owners followed thus saving their lives as well.

You’ve heard of zoo’s saying their animals showed distress the day before an earthquake or other natural disaster. Wouldn’t you show distress if you were locked in a cage and couldn’t get away from what was coming. Obviously, you know it’s going to happen because you get a supernatural email or some other message which humans should use as an indicator as well.

Scientists can do the studies on these types items but generally don’t get the chance because it’s only realized after the fact. They have no way of making it a controlled experiment.

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Living with a Supernatural Pet  Reincarnation, Past Life, Past Lives

Okay, now we’re talking. You know this is right up my alley being supernatural and all but because I also love dogs, cats and all other pets.

Here we go. One day you get to a point where you think you have room in your heart and house for bringing in, loving and living with a pet.

Like any good adoptive parent, you go looking for just the right dog, cat, mouse, bird or other pet to bring home to live with you in order to become part of your family. A pet is the friend you’ve chosen as part of your family.

Let me do one little public service announcement here. Then I’ll get on with the supernatural twist. When you adopt an animal it’s for life just like adopting a child. Let me tell you why from my psychic viewpoint.

Animals who’ve become pets have adjusted their lives to living with humans. When you adopt them, they love you as their parent. When you give them up because you can no longer take care of them, they hurt emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I know. I have one that came to me when she was two-years-old. She’s now nine-years-old and just now has she stopped getting up to look for daddy when certain motorcycles go by.

I’m not trying to make you feel guilty but like a child a pet is for life. Think before you take that responsibility. Karma is a harsh teacher sometimes.

It might take a while for your family and the new fur baby to become acclimated to each other but that’s generally better as time goes on and you learn to live with one another.

The slightest bit of hindrance might be when one day you walk in and notice your cat and dog sitting staring at one spot close to the ceiling in the corner. Or it could be your three dogs, two Yorkie’s and one Maltese. That’s the real true story I’m about to relate but can’t tell you who momma and daddy is.

After all, this is a psychic pet article. Did you think I wasn’t going to bring the psychic up now?

I get a call from momma telling me that her three dogs have been staring at one corner in the den for a few hours. Their eyes would move but her pets wouldn’t. “This is weird and makes me uncomfortable.” she confessed to me.

We’re close enough that I could laugh but wasn’t really making fun of her which she knew. She was deadly serious.

As a psychic and a medium I had to give her information on how long, where the corner was and so on for her to believe I knew what I was talking about. I did. Then I told her they were looking at a ghost. For the life of me I can’t remember much about the ghost now. I just remember how she acted.

She wasn’t happy at all with having someone new in her house especially when they were dead. When I acknowledged who the ghost was and told her to tell him she knew he was there and that he could stay as long as he didn’t scare her he then went away or at least pretended he did. The dogs stopped immediately when the ghost left. And that was right after she repeated to the ghost what I had mentioned she tell him.

Ghosts and Pets

Because I love working with ghosts so much this psychic and medium probably will get carried away now with my stories on ghosts and pets. So please bear with me.

I’m not a scientist but I am logical along with my being a psychic and medium. Everything has to have a reason. Bet you didn’t know that. Most think that psychics are woo-woo. I’ve got too high of an IQ for that. I’m into look, check again, look logically and when I can’t find an answer believe in the paranormal because I live with it daily. Also, when I see a ghost I do that checking method to see if it’s a ghost.

Anyway, back to pets seeing ghosts. You just got a little story on that above but now I’ll give you more.  Madeline, ghost, ghosts, spirit

Madeline,, my shoulder puppy because she had an illness similar to MS was great at seeing ghosts and sounding the alarm to my baby Mysti Mariah’s dismay.

When we first got her, she weighed less than a pound and was very close to death. Her Vet told me when she died if someone else had gotten that puppy she would have been dead before her eleven-year death date and would have probably died in her first year. (Glad I didn’t give her back to the lady who sold her to me.) She was in pain most of her life but she had a zest for life that’s rarely seen.

Mysti wasn’t sure she liked Madeline. Oh, don’t get me wrong she wanted a little sister but not Madeline. They were both Pisces but Madeline had a Scorpio Moon and Ascendant. She could get her feelings hurt and not only tell you about it but act out her disappointment with her teeth.

When she was a baby I found myself praying yet again one day holding her precious little self in my arms. This was after my running to catch her, Madeline’s getting angry and showing it with those little puppy teeth latching on and shaking her kill which just happened to be my arm. That wasn’t the reason I was praying. The reason I was praying is because I didn’t understand how God had allowed me to pick a stubborn, feeling little animal who fought all the time. Thought my Karma was better than that.

As a matter of fact, I was truly asking God if I could let go that adoption thing you read above. I didn’t get a “Yes,” for which I’m truly glad now but wasn’t so sure of then. Finally, she grew out of that. Thank God! My arms got better for it.

Besides the shadow ghosts wouldn’t have been able to play with most like they did her.

Shadow Ghosts

I’ve always had what I call shadow ghosts around me. These ghosts are actually shadows that don’t appear because of sunlight. They are energy beings filled in black shadows that move wherever they like with conscious thought.

Because these ghosts show up as shadows doesn’t mean they’re evil. Evil lives in the hearts of man. Glad I’m a woman but you know we all have some envy or other what some consider evil feelings within.

Let me say one more thing about ghosts. Some have a sense of humor. Ghosts have the same personalities they had on earth. Some don’t have a sense of humor. These shadow ghosts did. While I’m writing this, I remember some blue shadow ghosts who helped me with a class one time. Let me reel myself back in. There are so many stories I could tell and we’re on pets right now.

Mysti had been with me for six years before Madeline came. Mysti was a woman of the world. She held herself in regal fashion unlike Madeline and rarely got excited. Mysti was known to start some trouble now and then with her excitable little sister, then look at me as if to say, “There she goes again mother.” Mysti had been around for years with momma, had seen, heard, felt, smelled and touched many ghosts. Madeline hadn’t.

When Madeline came to live with us the Shadow Ghosts would play across the wall, generally at least three at a time. Being the good little Schnauzer, she was Madeline would try to warn us that there were strangers in the house. The Shadow ghosts must have found her barking and my trying to explain that it was okay humorous because they continued this for a while.

Ms. Regal Mysti would sit watching the ghosts display their wares and watch Madeline with true disgust. I’m sure I heard Mysti say after one day when she no longer found it funny, “You’ll get used to it and perhaps then shut up.”

Those Shadow ghosts moved, looked our way and did all sorts of things and they appeared as strangers in our house to Madeline.

The only problem being was when we went walking and she saw my shadow guess what she did until she discovered the difference between shadow ghosts and me.

Most academics believe what you’ll see written below because they don’t use their psychic ability which everyone has but to be fair let’s give them their time. You can find them at

According to

“Shadow people are a very common visual hallucination for humans to have. They usually appear as a result of sleep deprivation, psychosis (especially stimulant [psychosis1]), delirium, psychoactive substances or sleep paralysis. During this experience, the subject perceives a patch of shadow in their peripheral vision or focused visual field to be a living, autonomous figure. This figure can be either humanoid or animal-like in appearance. Due to the unique behavior of these hallucinations and can be considered a sub-type of autonomous entities.”

Okay now, my turn. I wasn’t doing drugs and neither were my puppies and we certainly weren’t sleep deprived. And those Shadow ghosts we saw were alive as all ghosts are. Ghost are only spirits without human clothing which is the physical body. It doesn’t matter what color you come in.

So, on with Pets are Psychic.

Even if You Don’t Want to See Ghosts

The woman I told you about before in this article with the three dogs watching a ghost had another Maltese and a young son.

They were visiting at my house when the youngster said, “Who is that guy I see over there?” He was very young and spoke very well. As soon as he said it the Maltese looked at the man too. Their momma wasn’t happy.

I had already seen the man and had to ask, “You see him too?” The dog was watching the stranger in the house. I told the child that the man was around a lot and that it was okay. Momma didn’t think so. Her dogs and her children have since taught her that it is.

Pets are Psychic especially with someone they love.

You’ve noticed yourself that when you decide to go to the store or go riding your fur baby is right beside you before you even touch your keys.

You’ve seen how those same fur babies or feather babies mourn for those they love when they die.

You’ve heard how dogs can now smell cancer and know what it is.

You’ve seen love expressed by all animals and the fact that an animal will put themselves in harm’s way to save a loved one. Those same animals will try to steer the one they love away from danger which they sensed in the first place.

Now with this in mind how can you say that your pets aren’t psychic. Pets are Psychic.