Politcal effrontery……

Political effrontery is something I’m noticing more and more.  Furthermore, it’s something that really gets my dander up.  One party says the other party does no good such and such.  Later the tattling party is caught doing what they talked about being so bad to begin with. More... 

Impudence from both parties is tiring and borders on calling all voters stupid.  They think that we can’t think for ourselves and, even worse, they think that we won’t notice how they try to pull the wool over our eyes. 

The primaries are even worse.  That’s when all the presidential candidates mouth off about each other in derogatory fashion and then think that we’ll magically forget all of that when the leader picks a running mate.  Generally one of the best at mouthing off about the current presidential frontrunner is their new running mate. 

What this all stems from is, believe or not, us, the voters.  I learned this a long time ago when my ex ran around on me.  He’ll do as much as he can without getting caught.  And after getting caught, they, like leopards don’t change their spots, but will continue to see how far they can push.  Our society seems to be allowing the pushing. 

I can’t even say that I’d like another party because they’d only adhere to the same kind of tactics once they became established.  Give me a candidate that has some integrity.  PLEASE!

Da Juana