Political matters….

In most political matters all you get is a lot of finger pointing and no results.  It’s enough to make you think that the US can never get anything done other than the finger pointing.More...

For the last few years, it seems that politics goes along with the anger I blogged about a few days ago.  People seem to want to be mad instead of resolving our country’s problems.

Taxes, of which we pay a lot, are at an all time high.  Most people might not even be aware that we’re paying as much as sixty percent taxes in some cases.  Think about your income tax, state tax, for employer’s unemployment tax, sales tax, which encompasses food too, and other sinful items such as cigarettes and gas.  And if you’re really lucky enough and pay all your taxes, when you die, your children get to pay taxes on capital gains one more time.  That’s true recycling.

To my way of thinking, I have to live within a budget.  And that doesn’t include one that grows exponentially when I desire more money.  It’s not magic.  It’s living within your means.  I think government should have to do that too without calling upon the taxpayers to get more money.

And another note, how about our healthcare?  There should be something that all of us could agree on without having to say it’s republican or democrat.  How about just American?

Let’s get some problems solved.

Da Juana