Politically Correct

Politically correct is a word that describes guilt for some and manipulation for others. It can make anything you say appear to be indecent or suspect according to who’s listening. But I’m only a medium and a psychic. So what should I know?

All my life I’ve tried living in what I considered service to God. For me that is loving everyone as much as I can without judging. You can love their spirit knowing its part of God but you don’t have to love the spirit that wants to hurt others. To this medium’s point of view, live your lives by giving others the respect you think you deserve. Then we wouldn’t have to worry about political correctness. Skin color and race wouldn’t matter. In that same vein neither would religious beliefs.

Religion has taken its toll on my life. I’ve lived this life and many others with the ire of people who didn’t even care if they hurt me because of their religion nor did they ask what I believed before they pronounced their judgment. So I’ve been the object of political incorrectness. Their thinking is what I do isn’t sanctioned by God. The truth is that if those people read their Bible they’d see miraculous and metaphysical events happening constantly. And God did it or had someone perform those acts. You don’t know how many times I’ve been asked to prove my abilities and I generally do but there’s times I get a little aggravated at having to do so. And you don’t have any idea how many people have professed to like me until they figured out what I do. Then they could see horns growing from my head but that was their fear.

Right now all you hear is he or she isn’t being Politically Correct. That is a position held by the beholder of the justification of what they want to create and not necessarily the whole world. But they get attention from the guilt standpoint and we sit back and think this will work itself out because we have more faith in human nature. Human nature can become ill and contagious though and bring down a nation. Just look back at Hitler and his beliefs. Look at his taking a democratic nation and changing it to a tyrants rule.

If we all followed the “Golden Rule” we wouldn’t have to worry about being “Politically Correct.” There would be no need but in this selfish world I’ve watched change dramatically over the years we need something to keep us a little bit in tow. That’s a pity. Some have become more selfish and have found a way to start fights, more road rage, and generally spiritual disharmony.

Loving your neighbor as yourself but knowing you have to love yourself first should be all you need to exist in this huge world made small by instant information. Sensationalism is something most crave now so that our news agencies forget how to report the news and start making it in the image they desire. You rarely see good news because people need to be frightened and tantalized.

How do you start a war? Make the people ignorant and turn them against one another, that’s how.

Please help me change political correctness into being friendlier and knowing your neighbor so that we don’t need that term anymore.

Thanks for reading my thoughts.

Da Juana Byrd