Thank you for praying for my grand.  Gentry is out of the hospital and safely at home even though he still needs treatments. More... 

You know, we don’t always give the thanks that we should for items we take for granted each day, like cars, health, food and fun.  In one way, you should take them for granted because you are creating what you need in life.  Even though I believe that as a creator, we get what we need spiritually, I still try to remember to thank the powers that be for everything I have. 

When a young one gets sick, you start to remember more.  Mother’s make deals with God like it is Him that made their young one ill.  God accepts those prayers and looks at His children with pity though He doesn’t always give them what they feel they need at the time.  Otherwise, the earth would be euphoric and it’s certainly not that.  Ask any mother. 

God tends to be there for us always but we tend to forget it sometimes.  Then in times of sorrow we stop and beg for help.  All I’m saying is that we should remember to thank Him and in thanking Him/Her, we thank ourselves too because we are creators through God.  We need to give thanks when there’s nothing going on with which we need help.  That’s something I try to do daily.  When I hear people ask if I pray they’re amazed when I tell them that I do off and on all day but my prayers are just a little different.  I’m constantly thanking Him/Her for everything and in talking with the other side I say thanks too.

Happy moments

Da Juana