Did I make it happen or did my prediction come true?  That was a dilemma that I faced long ago and still do occasionally.More...

For instance, before I got sick with that vacationing bug I am getting over, thank goodness, I was talking with a friend and mentioned how vomiting made me sick.  Literally.  Can’t watch it on the movies.  Can’t even think about it.  But there I was discussing how that was the one thing I hated most in the world to do when ill. 

That was about three or four days before the garbage can holding commode hugging incident.  And it was no fun but guess what?  I heard myself praying to just go ahead and get it over with so that little illness could be gone.  That’s one of those items of which I’d never thought I’d ask to perform.

Knowing what I do about creating your own reality, I had to ask myself, was this a prediction because I knew when we had started talking about that subject that I was about to see it come to pass?  Or was it a manifestation of my own creation? 

You see, I know that when we give anything energy whether positive or negative, it immediately starts to manifest.  So, if I did this to myself, oh yuck!

Da Juana