I just finished doing my predictions for the world. Something I have been noticing over the past two to three years is that I really don’t want to see bad worldly happenings. And that is not good when you are a psychic who has to do predictions.

That very thing happened to me about three years ago when I heard that NASA would be having a very bad year and they truly did. But they didn’t have as bad a time of it as those poor astronauts who blew up very nearly over my home. When I saw that, I argued with my guides the way I do sometimes. But they kept on until I put the date of the disaster and that NASA would have problems into my predictions. Then I waited until it happened. I can remember that day just as if it were yesterday. But you know what, some good did come from it. We now have commercial applications being prepared to go into space more easily than on that dinosaur we have now. When man can make money, they find ways to make old equipment obsolete. But it also pushes man to overcome obstacles such as the one who killed those poor pilots and travelers.

When I don’t put into my predictions, like I didn’t this year, terrorism, then I am considered at fault when I don’t tell. Like now when I look towards France on the western side and see buildings blowing up. It looks like something that has happened before in England. See, that wasn’t there earlier when I was writing my predictions but here it is like a black flag. And another one is that England’s royalty will revisit Diana’s death this year because they have to.

Maybe I should just keep on writing and the predictions will keep on coming but I can’t continue to sit here and do that.

For you, I hope this is the best year ever.

Da Juana