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Each December or early January, I make predictions about the coming year. Sometimes these predictions come true a month or so after the year is up and sometimes they come true exactly when I say they will. For instance, and I think this is the way I phrased it, there was one about Princess Diana that I said would make mother’s of the world or England cry before the end of the eighth month. Well, she died on right before the end of the month of August. Another thing I might do is have several predictions that add up to one but said in different ways.


At any rate, it is not as easy to do predictions for the world as it is to do predictions for a person sitting in front of you but I like to do world predictions. Other predictions I have made were the first Gulf War, the Oklahoma bombing, some super bowl predictions, political calamities and on and on. You can check them out on if you like.


To make a long story shorter, I wanted to share what someone sent to me last night on some of my predictions:

  A man with an “M” name will be found in the worst of circumstances.     

         Mel Gibson and his alcoholic rant??


And old, loved voice will return to do new things. She may even give rise to new talent. Her name may start with a “B,” “M” or “T.”


Melba Moore is making a comeback. 

   Our troops will not come marching home anytime soon. There is another action that they will be taking part in within the coming 6 months. Something that looks so small will rise up over the coming years to bite the world. The place or the people have an initial that begins with and “S” or a “C.” For me, this is the scariest part of any war yet and we won’t even realize it until after it has been accomplished.  

The current Lebanon-Israel conflict, but not sure about the S or C.


This last one is the one I want to talk about now. When I saw that small country, I saw Syria, didn’t even think about Lebanon (no offense to anyone from that country—am not that good with geography) but I knew that it was close to Syria and Syria is a very small country. The cause of this war is what some consider holy and that is the scariest kind of war. Why can’t we mothers of the world come together and say that God exists everywhere and it doesn’t matter what we call him or her? Why can’t we love each other for our differences in race, religion, and on and on? Why can’t we be loving to each other? I don’t have all the answers but think about it and maybe you can come up with an answer.


Da Juana

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