Psychic predictions are generally made by a professional psychic although some nonprofessionals have been known to make accurate predictions for the world too. Most of the nonprofessionals make their predictions for their families or friends while professional psychics are expected to make their predictions for the world.

Let me tell you why making predictions for family and friends is easier. It’s called focus and concentration. When you care for someone you are generally thinking of them, worrying about them is more like it. It’s according to how much you focus on them whether you get future news on their lives or not. If you start to worry about one of those friends, then you start to concentrate on why, you’ll usually find the reason even if you don’t understand it at the time.

Predictions are only premonitions of future events.

But sometimes they can be recognition of past events by a professional psychic or medium. For instance when I give a reading, I want to know nothing about you. In that manner when I tell you something happened to you in your past by my going backwards into your life, then you know that what I’m telling you about your future is probably going to come true if you want it too.

What you say? Isn’t the future written in stone? Why, no! We have choice here. If I make a prediction by reading your future and tell you to change it, you can. My expertise in psychic readings is so you can use the information to help yourself.

For instance, if I see you having an automobile crash and tell you it’ll be in the south at a particular time and place. You can stop it by not going there. People involved in the crash have made a psychic pact supernaturally. It is making spiritual choices so that all involved on both sides along with loved ones can learn spiritual lessons.

So, you can see there are great responsibilities in making psychic predictions for anyone and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

When I make predictions as a professional psychic and medium for the world it’s harder because you have to look at the whole country as your focus. Then you have to zero in on certain areas of the country whereas when you look at a person professionally speaking you only have them to read even with others involved in their lives as well. It’s much easier to make psychic predictions for a specific person because there is only one of them. Your only care is the person in front of you.

By Da Juana Byrd