Premonitions foretelling future events…..

It seems now that science is verifying the existence of premonitions foretelling future events in everyone, not just a select few.  For years I’ve espoused the fact that everyone has psychic abilities.  Now, I have proof.More...

Researcher, Dean Radin, in his “presentiment” experiments, had a person sit in front of a computer that randomly showed either calming or violent images.  The person had some physiological function being monitored while watching the random images.  Monitored body functions began their change several seconds before whatever random picture appeared so that researchers could see that the person’s being knew what image was coming.  His or her body responded to the image before the image appeared.  And more so, they responded more excitedly before a horrible illustration presented itself.

Remote viewing has been used around the world for years with great results but Dean Radin’s experiment makes me feel wonderful because they are now proving, like  physicist did, what I’ve known all along.  There is something greater in this world than what we perceive to be reality.

Da Juana