President Bush

This morning I heard President Bush speaking on the economy.  By the way, I’m trying to remember which president said, “It’s the economy, stupid.”More...

And before I start my tirade, I want to clarify that what I’m about to harp upon has been creatively engineered by both Republicans and Democrats.  That’s why I continue to say I’d like a presidential or congressional candidate who’d really get rid of the lobbyist (make them a treasonous affair—I have friends who are lobbyist—sorry y’all), have the blue collar workers, not just the millionaire’s, good at heart and someone who was diplomatic enough to think without regard to money.  Sadly, I don’t think we’ve reached that plateau yet.

There were two things I knew about our president before he started his tenure and that was we’d end up in Iraq and he and his vice president were and are oil men.  What most reporters never touch upon is that he’s been singing that same sad song of drilling in the oceanic continental shelf and in our national parks for as long as he’s been in office. 

As a man that’s known for getting what he wants, just as Lyndon B was, he’s pushed his way into doing just that and he means for oil drilling to happen in those two areas, or at least to get permission to do so, before he leaves office. 

What really sucks is that the Democrats will wind up letting him drill there because they want the drilling done too but they want him to take the rap for it.  Each party wants to line their own pockets and tell us that they are doing for our good.  And, yes by the way, we’re going to have to go for better energy consumption in this good United States but it’ll be after oil has continued to make the huge profits they’re making now. 

Had one of my favorite presidents, Ronald Regan, not stopped solar and other types energy savers some years ago, we’d be less dependent upon foreign oil now, as our president loves to remind us.  Oh, not about Regan, but that we’re dependent upon foreign oil and that’s why he wants to drill off our coast and in pristine country.  But hey, we can’t see it, can we?

That’s what’s wrong with us now.  Maybe they should have asked a psychic?  Barack, I certainly hope you do a better job.

Da Juana