President Bush

Today I got a rather unexpected surprise when I found that President Bush and I finally agreed upon something.  Well, maybe we agree on a couple of things but generally I can’t find much.  Don’t get me wrong!  I wouldn’t want his job.  You know what I think of politicians.  Here I go again.  There are those who really think they’re serving humanity and he’s probably one of them.  But that’s not where I want to go.More...

While giving a news conference today he took on the worry of people crossing bridges.  A few years ago, before Claude had the stroke, I began to worry psychically about bridges.  So much so that I had to talk with myself while traveling over some of them.  This was because I thought they would fall, not because I’m afraid of heights.  But back to our president.

He said that he didn’t think we need a higher tax or, let me see if I’m getting this right, a tax on gasoline.  Think it was a higher tax on gasoline.  God, isn’t gasoline high enough now?  But back to him.  He said that the committee which oversees our bridges repair should, and I’m paraphrasing, decide what’s best in repair for all rather than pork barreling their way through their committee. 

Wow!  I agree with him.  Also, while you’re at it Mr. President, will you please see to it that our country is not charged more than other countries where drugs are concerned?  And could you get rid of all the lobbyist and the payoffs from them so that we might really get on with having our government run ethically and without people making themselves rich at our country’s expense?

Da Juana