President Obama

Last night, while watching President Obama’s press conference, I happened to notice that the president had a ghost behind and to his right side, looking out at the audience.  Wonder how many others noticed? More...

Though I was listening intently to his thoughts on the state of the economy, she really got my attention when she appeared twice.  I didn’t expect to see her, especially not then, while he was busy answering reporters.  What’s funny is that I heard this, not something I’d ordinarily think or say, and that’s that the ghost behind him is a white woman.  This shocked me even more than seeing her at the time I did.  Not because she was Caucasian but because someone on the other side would mention that to me. 

She was actually white, from her hair down, like some would say a ghost was supposed to look.  But that wasn’t it either.  You know that I think and that is that the president isn’t white or black but a combination all wrapped up into our president.  A president that has a lot of work ahead of him and hopefully will be good for the United States.  Not only that but I noticed, not for the first time, that Michelle should be very proud that this man isn’t hard on the eyes, at all.  Very photogenic.

When I’m in the psychic moment, I don’t see white, black, purple or otherwise for skin color.  I might say someone is darker skinned than me and they’d have to be even though I have freckles.  But last night, like other times ghosts have gotten my attention doing weird things, the words really caught my attention so that I’d go further. 

The woman had hair that tipped up around the ears, with a full face and all was totally white.  Not only that but though she looked friendly enough, with a smile on her face, she’s someone you wouldn’t want to mess with and she was very protective of him at the time.  Because she caught my interest, my first thought after her being white was that she was his mother but then I realized she wasn’t when a woman on the other side told me so.  She said the lady was his grandmother.  Now I’ve seen pictures of his grandmother and she didn’t have her hair tipped up at the ears.  So don’t fuss at me about that.  I was told that it was his grandmother and I believe it.

It’s nice to see that she’s there to encourage him to keep on trying and, with her strength, to dissuade others from being unkind.

Da Juana