Presidential candidates….

Someone sent me a link to a site where you answer questions about the presidential candidates.  Upon answering the questions, without worry about party affiliation, it gives you a list of candidates with whom you’re in agreement.More...

When I saw the candidate who most thought like me, I did a double take.  You can imagine my shock.  This person wasn’t someone I thought I’d vote for although I thought he made some very good points when I occasionally saw him on TV.  The problem was that I didn’t go out of my way to look at him because psychically I’d seen that he had some scandalous problems.  

So, I put him out of my mind, but then, because we do believe alike, I listened to him not too long ago and he does make sense.  Also, he brought up the scandalous problems and talked about being young when it happened.  He made sense because we were all young at one point in time and did some things we weren’t proud of.  Will I vote for him?  Not really sure but he made me want to watch him.  Thought I had my mind made up but a little question and answer quiz on the web is making me take another look. 

Da Juana