One thing I can say for the last three or four presidents of the United States is that they have great hair, or at least they did, until they took office.More...

Before each president took office, each man had well-kept, pretty hair and mostly dark hair too except for Bill Clinton.  After taking office, each man grayed almost immediately.  I think it started about the time each man came to Washington or just a little before.  And the gray just keeps on growing. 

You know I love gray hair because you’ve seen Claude’s and he’s beautiful to me.  Of course he had gray hair when in his twenties, long before I knew him.

Look to our current president and look at a picture of him before he took office with just a little gray around the temples.  Now it’s all over his head.  Bless his heart.  There must be some type stress that goes with the office. 

After the stroke, when Claude did chelation, his hair started to come back in black as it used to be instead of the great gray all over.  He now has black on the back and black and gray on the top.  Chelation might not be the thing the president needs though.  Maybe he just needs to meditate or take a vacation although I don’t think either will keep him from going gray, not when I look at what happened to each president before him, since I’ve been voting for presidents.

Da Juana