Da Juana Psychic Reading


Want to know what your future holds? Schedule a 30 minute reading today with the one and only Da Juana Byrd!

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Due to numerous requests that Da Juana do personal readings, she shall now be available for private readings in person or by phone.

To arrange a personal reading by one of the foremost psychics in the world, Da Juana Byrd, contact Da Juana.

For international clients via Skype please email us with your name and number to be contacted at and USA time you would be available for Da Juana to talk with you. We will email you to confirm a personal reading with Da Juana.

The price for a personal reading with Da Juana is:

30 minutes $200. US

Da Juana will call you at the pre-arranged time of your appointment if the reading is by phone.

“Don’t delay; make arrangements now to speak with Da Juana before she is booked completely up.”

For those of you needing information to help solve a murder or any other criminal investigation, please contact Da Juana at her email address using the word “crime” in the subject line. She does not charge for this service and will help as much as she possibly can. Contact Da Juana.

She will answer as many of your email questions as possible. Please remember that there is no way she can answer everyone due to the enormous volume.

Thank you for sending Da Juana your email. She does read all of them and says prayers for you. Because she thinks prayers are a very intimate she doesn’t do so without your permission. When you email her she believes you expressed permission.