Is There a Difference Between a Medium and a Psychic?


Da Juana Byrd

Medium and Psychic



If You’re a Psychic  Da Juana Byrd, Psychic and Medium


I, Da Juana Byrd, am a psychic and a medium so I do understand the difference although I blend the two, I hope perfectly. This psychic and medium thinks there is a difference between the two though.

If you’re a psychic you can see and probably read for people enlightening them on their future, the past and their current situation in life. Some of the information a psychic might give is on love life, money including career, well-being spiritually and physically along with telling the person they’re reading to go to a competent professional care giver or attorney if you need one.

Love is generally the first thing a person wants read for them when visiting this psychic. So, when I see them coming or when I speak with them through the phone or email, the first question I ask, without the person I’m reading knowing it, is their love life.

If I’m on the phone with a new person for a reading, I ask what the person looks like. I want them to know that I know them before I can get down to the actual reading. Most often they don’t believe me but would rather look at someone else before I ask how tall are you? What’s your hair color? And more before they realize it’s them I’m reading.

Psychics generally use tools such as Tarot, Tea-Reading (yes, it’s real), Runes, Playing Cards and other paraphernalia to help them read people who come to them for a reading.

Some psychics like me are born with abilities that create a situation where we are so overcome with the beauty of whatever tool we might have used that it gets in our way.

This has been my experience. For instance, if I look at the pretty Tarot picture I get caught up in it. It’s easier for me to put my hand on the back of the card and read the person from that rather than the pictures on the front.

Heck, I can vacuum and read just as well.

What this type psychic uses as a tool is themselves. That’s me. I call myself a lazy psychic. I was born the tool. Just in case you’re being mean because I said I was born a tool, don’t.

The way that I work as a psychic is that I am an Empath. That’s a person who feels what you’re feeling. This is an example. Have you ever felt wonderful at work until a co-worker walked in and explained how horrible life was for them? You didn’t even notice that their life condition was contagious until you felt the bottom drop out on your emotions. See you’re an Empath too. Does that mean you’re psychic? Yes. I love saying that.

Another thing that I work with is my six senses. Yes, I said six. I know that there’s touch, hearing, smelling, sight, taste and then there’s me. I’m the sixth sense. That’s because I use all the other five senses plus I’m an Empath and I use Psychometry as well.

Psychometry is when you touch an object and get impressions from it. An example is touching someone’s piece of jewelry and seeing who owned it first or when the person who has it got it and from where they got it.

There’s one more little thing that some psychics can do which I have done while playing with a few other psychics after a Psychic Fair in Austin. That is Psychokinesis which simply means moving a table with your mind or bending a spoon mentally.

Quick story about this. The hotel in Austin where we were having a psychic fair liked us so much because we brought in so many people that they gave us the hospitality suite after the fair to unwind.

Three tall, well-built men, maybe a little inebriated, who looked like NFL football players hadn’t bargained for us when they decided to crash our party and drink more.

Figuring because we had so many in the room we wouldn’t notice them, they came on in. As soon as they stepped into the room all three men in unison backed into the wall, placing the palms of their hands on the wall as if they needed to hold it up.

Five or six of us psychics with me included had a very heavy table standing on one leg with the other three pushing air. That’s our way of unwinding. I looked at one of the guys and asked if he’d like to take my place. He answered very quietly, “Oh, no mam.”

Gently and quietly the now sober three exited the room without drinks.

Another manner in which psychics can read is that this psychic at least sees television or movie like items concerning your life. It’s kind of strange but it’s also effective. Generally, it comes from the third eye which is located between your eyebrows and actually seen through your physical eyes as well.

We psychics use a variety of tools. Some psychics might employ only one tool like the student I taught to read whatever was in an envelope. She didn’t think she was psychic because she couldn’t do anything else.

As a teacher I teach others how to do what I do in a metaphysical way. And though I say teach them what I do, we are each unique in the manner in which we use our supernatural gifts.

What is a Medium?

A medium in the manner in which we’re speaking now can be defined as an intervening agency through which something is conveyed or in the same vein, a person who allows communication between ghosts and humans. Fancy words, I think, for someone who talks with ghosts.

How do Mediums Communicate with Ghosts?

Ghosts convey messages through mediums by using unique methods of communication such as the manners shown below.

Your medium may see images projected by the ghost of a loved one including but not limited to their homes, clothing or even the hospital room or place they died. This is called Clairvoyance or clear vision.

Believe me when you see a ghost it all becomes clear in seconds. Do I run? Is it really a ghost? And more. You don’t have to be a professional medium to use this tool. Ghosts appear to the ones they want to see them. If you see a ghost, that means you are a medium by the way even if it’s once. It’s like being a virgin. You can only do that once unless you have lots of money and a very good doctor.

When I mentioned above is it really a ghost, you sometimes have to wonder if they’re dead until they do something that lets you know they truly are. An example, because I’ve got lots of them, is when I lived in a house that had a sunken living room which was about six inches lower than the other rooms. My dog and I were the only ones’ home at the time.

I walked through the foyer and rounded the hall to the sunken den where a man was standing with his back to me. I knew the doors were locked. All the things that go through your mind when you’re in the house alone and you know you have the house locked up could make you hold your heart like Red Fox did in his TV series.

I was upon the man before I knew it because even though I saw him my feet kept moving forward. You’d think I’d be smart enough to run when I saw someone else there. I wasn’t too far from the front door. But the man had his back to me and as I approached him he turned his head to the side so that I could see he had half his face blown away. Now I knew he was a ghost. He was a ghost because he couldn’t have lived with that injury.

Being very logical I have to make sure first that it’s a ghost before I run. Besides you want to fight when someone intrudes your home I think but that’s being dumb. Time seems to slow down and decisions aren’t your best right then.

The man spoke and told me who had killed him. Not only that but she had let his two little girls into the house to find him after Sunday School. That’s horrible. Yes, I spoke with a police officer about it and told him what the ghostly man had told me. He said I was right on. The ghost told me so.

Clairaudience happens with the next two examples. Some ghosts speak loudly to the medium of choice in much the same way that two people carry on a conversation. I even shake my head and gesture when speaking with ghosts just as I do with people.

Other ghosts speak as that still small voice inside the medium’s head. You might even call it your conscious.

When I say they speak loudly I mean it. Ghosts most often want your attention. They’ll do what they must to get it. Generally, I can hear ghosts just like you and I are speaking. Voices can escalate during debates, let’s say. Oh, and I do debate them especially when I don’t agree with what they say. Then the ghosts have to make me understand why they’re saying what they are.

Ghosts are Alive

Ghosts are just as alive to me as you are. Maybe I need them to speak in a manner that I understand although I have heard the still small voice too.

Here’s something I do when I hear a woman ghost voice. I ask is that mine. Generally, the answer comes immediately. Most of the time I’ll get this. “You know your voice is lower than mine,” or “Do you really think I sound like you?”

An illustration of ghosts talking to me that others heard was when in a grocery store with a friend I heard my name called loudly from a couple of shopping rows over. The minute my name was said I said, “What.” Then I turned to look at my friend making a face like was that aloud. She informed me she’d heard it too. Told you I’m logical. I then asked what she had heard and she reiterated that my name was called.

Clair sensory data occurs when your medium feels something felt by the ghost who’s relaying information either through the feeling of how the person died, how they felt when in love or any other life’s experience.

Another tool mediums frequently use is just plain old metaphysical knowledge that floods their being while communing with certain ghosts. It’s like a wave of information washing over your body. You think you’re going to get wet by all the water (data) but only a few drops stick.

This is a tool that I use quite often. It’s not even in my conscious mind. It just happens. When I’m in a room with lots of people I read them all in this manner. The whole room washes over me but when I stop on a certain person the few drops of data that was meant for them come up immediately. This is a self defense mechanism used not only by mediums such as me but by law enforcement as well. Most law officers don’t even know how or why they do it. They just know it works.

An olfactory sense is another medium experience and may be employed by your medium smelling something that the ghosts sniffed at some time in their life especially right before his or her death. Another reason might be because the ghost wore that particular perfume or loved chocolate cake. Any number of reasons work for ghosts. It’s only to let you know they are who the medium is telling you about.

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Medium Working Murders

This is a case in point on smell used by this medium. When working a murder, I kept smelling bar b que smoke. After my repeatedly telling the person interviewing me about the smoke I smelled and they’re continually telling me they didn’t know where it came from, they realized it was to my left as I told them. It was a bar b que café right next to where the victim was killed.

Ghosts may suddenly appear to someone unknown as a medium. Perhaps that person is having a very profound one-time-only medium experience never to be done again. This type medium ship affair is generally a warning from a ghost relative or friend that takes care of the person left here on earth. It might even be notice for their child, family or for a friend.

There is no set method in which a medium, professional or otherwise, connects with ghost. As a matter of fact, the above mentioned medium tools can be utilized one at a time or in concert to give the person, alive or dead, seeking out medium or psychic advice the information they require.

Medium Reads for the Dead as Well as the Living

And, yes, I found out that a good medium reads for the dead as well as for the living something I didn’t realize before a ghostly visit. This came from a ghost I didn’t particularly want in my home and I told him to leave.

This ghostly man didn’t feel like a nice person and he wasn’t while alive but he needed help to raise his vibration in heaven in order to change. This is a very simple explanation in which to account for this action but he wanted to be better.

He told me that I wasn’t confined to reading for live people only. He said that I was here to help both the living and the dead. He was right. When he asked me his question Angels were there to help him and me in answering. We both learned something.

Most often good mediums extend service to both those living and dead because they are very caring people themselves. That’s why they do what they do. Most don’t make a lot of money and give of their time while being castigated for what they do on earth.

Just think. Would any person in their right mind (watch it) become or do something which they knew others would hate them? The obsession to help others is great in most mediums and psychics. That’s why we do it.

Psychics Can Be Mediums too

To make a long story short Psychics can be Mediums too but may not be. Perhaps they prefer not to see ghosts and ghosts don’t come where they’re not invited.

Did you notice I just mentioned not invited? Everyone who sees ghost have to have invited them at one time or another.

An example might be, “Oh if I could only hug my mother or dad one more time.” That’s an invitation. Watch your words if you don’t want a ghostly visitor.

But if you want to find a good medium or psychic, word of mouth is the best manner in which to find a competent ready-to-serve psychic or medium. As with any psychic reading, allow your medium to work. Don’t prejudice your reading by giving too much information to you or your lost loved one’s reader. Let them tell you what they see.