Psychic and Medium Prejudice

Today, as a psychic and a medium, I’d like to recount how prejudice is alive and well. We’ve seen and heard about all the people who are politically incorrect by saying and doing things that are considered by some bigotry. And I find that I agree with some but sometimes I think we’re too politically correct. Perhaps we should just be and let be in some instances.

Believe me when I say I was psychic and medium before it was cool as the old country song states. Even in my church where it was okay to speak in tongues (medium getting information from the other side or God) and foretell the future (psychic) it wasn’t okay to do so outside the church. That was something I never and still don’t understand. God is everywhere not just in a brick and mortar building.

At any rate, it seemed that the good US of A citizenship had stopped some of that prejudice against me, a psychic and medium, until I hear part of my family bring it up again in God’s name. There’s more to this story than I’ll relate here but suffice it to say, the old hurt popped right back up when I heard the words. Oh, and one more thing when confronted by the Bible and people this person loved that are like me, this nice person gave them a pass because this nice person believed God would. But I didn’t get that same pass. Wonder what the ulterior motive was there. Think I know. All I could do was ask that God take care of it and make this person a little more aware of his or her own capacity for thinking they know all about what God wants for everyone. Scary isn’t it?

For me, people ought to try to get along and to try to love one another too. Live by the Golden Rule. Make our life better. If you don’t believe in what others do, then ask God to help you not them. It’s no one’s right to try to change another because they’re not what you think they should be. Let go and let God. After all you are seeking God’s way, I would think.

Thanks for letting me vent.

From this Psychic and Medium,

Da Juana Byrd