Psychic calling…..

Psychic calling can mean more than one thing but this time it’s in context to something like a ma bell.  Let me tell you how.

The other day an old friend crossed my mind.  She’s really a young old friend because I’m really young too but you get the drift.  Anyway, she more than crossed my mind; she hit me like a ton of bricks.  You see this woman has had some health problems and like most people, I’ve gotten busy and haven’t called to check on her, as I should’ve. 

When I thought of her, I immediately stopped, said a quick prayer that she was okay, sent her a message of love and healing and went back to work.  That opened a psychic connection.

The next morning, out of the blue, uh huh, she called and invited Claude and me out to her ranch.  From a psychic point of view, she received the message and thought of us.  More to the point, this woman is a real social person.  So, she has so many people vying for her time that I’m surprised she thought of us at all.  But she got my psychic phone call.

I told her what I’d done the day before.  Her retort was, “Why does that surprise me?”

Just to let you know, I’m sure you do this sometimes too.  You’ve thought of someone and they’ve phoned or you see them shortly thereafter.  If not, then try it.

Reach out and touch someone.

Da Juana