Psychic decisions on your mother’s health!

Making psychic decisions for your mother’s health isn’t the easiest thing in the world. But the responsibility of telling others things you see in the future is just as great.

My mother is in the hospital and was in stable condition, they said, on a vent when I went to her out of state last week. When I walked into the hospital and stood at the end of her bed, using what I do for others and what’s in my life’s blood, I immediately questioned the other side. “Will my mother die in this little hospital.” The answer I heard was quick to come back with, “She won’t die here.” And I knew that she’d be moved to a larger hospital.

Now, because they’re so practical on the other side my next thought was that she might die when I moved her which gave me pause but that wasn’t the other side talking. It was this psychic and medium’s own fear piping up. But dread was there. Think if you’d just walked into see your mother how you’d feel. The human part of me was overwhelming.

I always want to help others and to give them the best information I get psychically and through my medium abilities. And when your mother’s life is on the line you have extra motivation. Either way it’s a huge responsibility.

Part of the family didn’t want to move her and I watched her go down in two days’ time to where I knew she’d be dead in another two if nothing was done to move her out of that hospital. For the sake of keeping the family together I tried to talk to all of them about the move to no avail. After her doctor said on Wednesday that he’d done all he could, they relented and she was moved. It was that bad. Won’t tell the whole story here because I’d sound more like Edith Bunker but suffice to say it was a long story.

After her move late that night and she got to the new hospital’s ICU, I walked in the next day. I could tell she was breathing easier and had hope. That was only to be dashed by the nurse who told me to start making preparations for either end of life or leaving her on the vent for the rest of her life. That was Thursday. Those nurses were great as they were in the other hospital but those nurses in the new hospital had the confidence that they’d either get her well or describe the next scenario in her health coverage. And he did.

Before leaving that night I told her, although she was heavily sedated that my daughter and I had gotten her there to the better hospital. Now she had to help and I gave her the scenario of what would happen. I know they can hear when they’re out like that. When she came out of the sedation and got the vent out on Friday, she told us as much.

It was amazing how quickly she improved and was able to come off a vent. They had told me that she may never. Oh, another part of the story. I have a little, beautiful, dead doctor that I requested help from. And did so again right before she was moved. He’s helped me before and he did again but he just reminded me to include him in this psychic story too.

Just to let you know this psychic medium had a hard time with decisions on her mother knowing what I knew and know. It’s not easy when you love someone like your parents even if you are psychic.

Da Juana Byrd