Psychic experiences…

Upon meeting me and finding out my occupation/gift some people tell me they don’t want anything to do with what I do. I wait patiently until they go on to say that they’ve had psychic experiences which scared “the whatever” out of them. It’s understandable. I’ve had it happen to me as you well know.

What’s funny is that most often they want to relive that scary event with me. Maybe it’s because I’m a professional. So I get some very good stories and I can help dispense of the fear associated with it.

Even more comical is that most people have had some metaphysical happening occur in their lives even if they don’t believe in such things. And even more accept as true Biblical supernatural episodes without question which always astounds me. I want proof although what I do doesn’t always consist of physical proof but does consists of spoken words, phrases and other items that there’s no way I could know except for the aid of some good ghostly person.

You know how logical I am but I’m also one who’s read her Bible. And I know that according to that famous book, God says he/she is the same yesterday, today and forever. So why do people who read their Bible have a problem with someone like me? After all a metaphysical event is a metaphysical event whether it’s handwriting upon a wall, a woman turning to a pillar of salt or Daniel in the lion’s den.

An angel’s appearance is most surely a paranormal occurrence, isn’t it? According to Biblical translation some angels are more welcome than others if you know what I mean. And some can be downright devilish. Whew! It boggles the mind.

For me though angels have been very nice and the ghosts who come have always been overly generous for which I’m very grateful. Oh and angels can be ghosts. Yeah I said it!

Didn’t God mention somewhere that man is his/her greatest creation because we’re made in his/her image? That makes everything else secondary, doesn’t it? But logically I really wonder about that one because man-not-woman (let them take the heat this time) has done some really stupid things.

So next time you have a supernatural event, share.

Da Juana

P. S. Read to learn of my beliefs and the ghosts who’ve helped me learn.

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