Psychic first!

As a child and a psychic, I knew to be quiet about my abilities because my good friend, John, who was alive on the other side, told me to watch what I said. Being the outgoing person I am though meant that I didn’t always listen to this caring adult. That’s when I found out that people don’t always like thinking that another person, child or otherwise, can do the things I do.

Growing up with John by my side, I had to keep learning that lesson. The only problem was that I was and am very proud of these gifts. And although they are not always easy to deal with in terms of others, I still love having this gift. Friends I had known for years who professed to care deeply about me turned away when I finally confessed who I was. They never had a problem with my abilities when I was giving them good advice before they knew I was a psychic. Not only that but my advice generally came true so they told others about how well I could advise.

But the day I came out of the closet, I realized that there are some things good friends just can’t abide. And I could live with that but Claude lost a lot of people too because of me and for that I am very sorry. Even though I can’t help what others think, I can still feel for those I love, even the ones that think I changed over night. This was something I was born with, couldn’t change if I tried and didn’t want to change. It is even in my astrology. And guess what is in Claude’s? That he should work with me with my gifts. Bless his heart. We found that out once I came out of the closet and we got into astrology. He has tried.

I am very grateful to my loving husband for many reasons. Especially since he could have been like my other “long standing” friends when I came out of the psychic closet. It took him a couple of days after I told him about a horrible plane crash in California involving three planes, two large and one small, over a subdivision. But he came around, watched me over the years, listened when we were at psychic fairs, watched me work murders, took his time to come to believe and to tell me that he thinks that I am a great psychic. Claude is not one to give compliments without really believing it. That is the greatest confirmation of all and at least he realizes that I never changed. I was always the psychic first with the name,

Da Juana