Psychic Myths

One of the reasons I am here on earth is to debunk, such an awful word, some ideas that other psychics might have. Don’t get me wrong. I think everyone has the right to have his or her own ideas and beliefs. That is not what I am saying. My point is this: I don’t think that some mediums discuss anything with dead people other than to tell a client the dead loved one’s message. That has never stopped me. While I have an open line, I keep asking questions to get to the heart of the matter. And I do so even while I am delivering the message for a loved one.


Another thing is that the dead loved ones generally come back to see me later. They are glad that I allow myself to be a conduit for personal information and also because I do question them about life on the other side. And they are willing to discuss anything and I do mean anything. I know. I ask. No subject is taboo. Before and since I had a near-death-experience in 1980, I have loads of questions. Not merely about what I saw over there either. Noooooooo! It is much more than that although many of my questions were answered immediately.


If you have ever been around me for any period of time, you have heard me talk about Jesus feeding his followers loaves and fishes. He did this for a very selfish reason. Once hunger is out of the way, people can listen. It doesn’t mean they will. It means, they can. So once the reading is out of the way and I have a live one on the phone, so to speak, I question.


When I died, I didn’t go through a tunnel. I was instantly in the light. There might have been a tunnel behind me but I was just too glad to be in the arms of God to turn around and look back. You know I call the other side home. Another item I knew, and knew before this time but it was reiterated, is very simple. Yet I have heard so many psychics tell others this, and it aggravates me to no end is, people need to go to the light after they die. Excuse me. Say what. I didn’t and every ghost I have spoken with since I have been born and I won’t tell you how long that is, hasn’t told me they had to either. And I asked. We are born into the light of God and when we die, it is only a rebirth into that same light. We are never without that wonderful light. Light being the spirit of God.


So now you have one of my little sermons. Will bring you more as I think of them but that one is a most blatant example. People are the same live and dead. The spirit always lives on.


Da Juana