Psychic or Psycho

Intangible: Intuition, premonitions

Tangible: Confirmations, manifestations

Labels are what the human mind uses to understand all things material and spiritual. The mind simply needs a means to describe even that which can’t be described. This book was written to help readers understand how the
unseen (intangible) becomes seen (tangible.)

Cathy Hatten

Proof of the intangible is difficult, especially psychic feelings and knowledge. My proof came by learning to pay attention to knowledge that seemed to come from nowhere. Listening to the teachings of my friend, Da Juana Byrd, showed me I was actually pretty normal in my desire to understand my psychic abilities. Through her own psychic experiences and her work as a professional psychic and teacher she presented this phenomenon as something to be embraced, not feared or doubted. I saw that each and every one of us is connected to psychic information of all types. That was a very profound realization and grasping it took me to knowledge I never imagined I would have access to.

Psychic or Psycho How to Tell the Difference is a compilation of very personal instances that got my complete attention because of the nature of the information but also due to the definite verifications I received. Because interpretation is so difficult and makes us think we’re crazy sometimes, I included specific confirmations and examples of how I created my own “language” for understanding the information I receive.

I am not a psychic, just psychic like each of you reading this. I wrote Psychic or Psycho How to Tell the Difference to share my undeniable experiences along the path to discovery of my psychic self. I think those of you who seek to understand your own psychic gifts whether they are intuition, dreams, clairvoyance or others will relate to every word. Just know you are not Psycho, but Psychic like the rest of us and confirmations of your gifts will prove it to you.

I appreciate the opportunity Da Juana has given me to share this book with you. My sincere hope is that you recognize and develop your own gifts and embrace the abundance of life offered through them. Click Here to Order a Copy Today

Cathy Hatten