Psychic Predictions, David Bowie, Maurice White and the Super Bowl

Well the Super Bowl is over and on my blog psychic and numerology prediction that Denver Broncos would win, as you may have read on my Numerology on the Super Bowl teams, did happen.

I have to admit that right before the game started I switched my allegiance to the Broncos, not because I’m trying to make points with Richard, but because I got to thinking about Peyton Manning’s last Super Bowl. I’m a sucker for trying to give people what they want and besides it was mostly in the numbers anyway.

Let me qualify this statement as advertising myself and if you know me, you know I’m not one to generally do this but for the sake of Google, I will. (And if you’re reading and do know me, then leave a message saying I’m good but please back it up with a little I’ve done for you just for the powers that be.)Here it comes now. So please forgive me in advance.

If you’ve seen me (television or in person or you tube), read my predictions or heard me speak on radio or otherwise, then you know that I’m not the greatest psychic at sports or the baby sex thing and that doesn’t mean anything bad. I mean I see the personality of the baby not necessarily the sex, boy or girl, but I can do in a pinch. Sometimes it’s the name that throws me off, like Sarah George and then a last name. The middle name means a lot to me because I don’t think I’m reading minds but that’s another story. It’s just that both are great and good but it generally doesn’t hold someone’s life in their hands. Now if I see something is going to happen, I’ll tell the mother or whoever to get expert advice on how to handle the situation. This is all done without scaring anyone to death beforehand.

At any rate the Super Bowl game was a good nail biter and I enjoyed all the hype as well. And Peyton and the boys did get their Super Bowl not to mention Richard was very happy.

Now on to another couple of psychic predictions I made for the world for 2016 just to let you know how they sometimes come to me. While working on all those horrible psychic predictions I had one that kept coming and stating that I needed to get it out now because it would happen in a few days. That was the psychic prediction about the death of the person with a name “B.”

First let me mention that I wanted and uncommon name initial when I gave this prediction and almost didn’t put the “M” name in there because it was so common. Everywhere you look there’s and “M” name. And like they say “Even a blind hog finds an acorn sometimes.” Knew I’d hear that from the skeptics.

So, I even heard the name David and wouldn’t use it because it’s common too. But not Bowie, just that initial, and I knew it was going to upset me and that he was a male but he made his living showing both the female and male side. He was one of my favorite singers and still is. Urgency for me to put his initial in my psychic predictions was extreme and he died a few days after I’d done it. The other side truly has wonderful people in two men who could sing their hearts out and make us love their sense of business as well. Both David Bowie and Maurice White of Earth, Wind and Fire will be missed immensely. Both made me dance all over the place.

Just to let you know you probably could have done some of these as well because everyone is psychic. I’m trying to give you a little look into the way this psychic medium does psychic predictions.

Da Juana Byrd