Psychic predictions for the world

Each year I do predictions around the end of December for the coming year and put them up for everyone to see and to advise me when they come true. This year I have found myself putting this job off.  Last year I saw myself getting anxious because generally the things I see aren’t all that good.  At least with individuals I can find some good happening.  

One year I talked about a death of someone we loved a lot and said without calling her name that the mothers of England would cry before the end of September.  She died on my brother’s birthday.  That day I had been so depressed that I went to bed early because I wanted the day to be over with.  And, of course, you know her death came over the airwaves about the time I decided to turn in.  I lay there and thought of the great things she had done in the short period people had been able to know her.  

Later, I had many people read the prediction again and those who had heard the prediction got very angry with me for not warning her.  To each I asked, “What would you have me do?”  Had I called, the secret service would have been all over me thinking I was the threat.  Sometimes there is no outlet for someone like me to express what is happening.  

Anyway, I am about to start my predictions for the coming year.  Again I find myself procrastinating.  Sometimes as I write the predictions out, they are happening unbeknownst to me.  And sometimes, the Webmaster has them as they happen.  They will be up on the website in the next few days. 2007 Predictions are now available.  One of the things I do know is, that as a psychic, I need my predictions to be right but as a person I don’t generally want to be right.  

Happy New Year 

Da Juana